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Augmented Reality

United Software Corporation exclusively presents augmented reality as a live direct or indirect vision of a real-world/physical environment. The elements are amplified by sensory input (such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data), generated by a computer.

Web Development

United Software Corporation team consists of numerous exploring engineers, who proceed to develop web applications, with the proven successful techniques. Many security considerations are taken into account while developing web applications.

Quality Frameworks

United Software Corporation ensures to produce quality frameworks, with the high standard tools and it intends to provide quality assurance so that the products/services align and comply with the recommended standard and desired outcome.

Digital Solution

United Software Corporation offers out-of-the-box innovative SaaS business platforms and is ready-to-deploy industry-specific digital cloud solutions across the value chain.


At United Software Corporation, we will integrate robotics into any system by programming robotics software that controls the robotic device you need for your operation.

Virtual Reality

We create enhanced virtual reality with high-end software and it is accessible to the user so that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment.

API Solution

United Software Corporation’s service includes publishing and managing several services. Each managed service has a service configuration, which declares various aspects of the service such as its API surface, along with parameters to configure the supporting backend systems like logging and monitoring.

App Development

The Application Development team at United Software Corporation is developing apps with great UI (User Interface), high performance, fast loading time, extremely helpful customer support and it Adapts to a user’s needs and Compatible with a mobile platform.

App Analytics

Our App Analytics solution helps to understand App users and increase the ROI of the App. It will make the Apps Simple, Accuracy and Revenue. It also provides you with high-level, dashboard-type facts to estimate the app’s performance, along with more in-depth reporting tools.

SEO Solution

United Software Corporation is trying to rank higher in search engines. To rank higher we make changes to the client website and make it easier for search engines to understand the website contents.

Technology Consulting

United Software Corporation is heavily involved in technology consulting, where we take the leadership role in advising the clients on how to use information technology in the best possible way to achieve their business goals.

Embedded Solution

We work on embedded software solution which is employed to control and manage the limited set of functions in hardware devices and it doesn’t usually need input. Its functions are turned on by the exterior controls, either through the device’s external actions or through a remote input.

Marketing Solution

Our team can detain the Web user’s attention easily and transport our message to prospects with the productive videos, which are much faster than the simple text. We help you to reach your prospective customers, by promoting the presentation of our products or services. Video Marketing Solution presents the insights, landscape, and traders in the content marketing field.

Accounting Solution

Our reliable team provides a professional, precious service to our clientele, regardless of their size. We service a wide range of clients all over the globe, looking after individuals with basic tax requirements to owner-managed businesses of all sizes.

Micro Services

United Software Corporation team endeavors application development in which a large application is built as a collection of modular services, where each module ensures to support a particular business objective and employs a precise interface to correspond with other modules

Creative Solutions

Our engineers are the best to chip a piece out of the given issue, by defining a creative solution with the proper functionalities. Our team includes skillful independent professionals to solve the stated problem in an innovative way.

Life-cycle Management

United Software Corporation dedicatedly contributes to the process of managing the entire lifecycle of web development starting from the planning stage to analysis, design & development, quality testing, and implementation & maintenance, for project completeness and consistency. Our engineers are the best to chip a piece out of the given issue, by defining a creative solution with the proper functionalities.


Finding an intelligent e-commerce developer in today’s competitive online market is a hard-hitting job and United Software Corporation provides plenty of advantageous e-commerce solutions, packed with online reality. Our products are developed with premium tools and indeed, nothing is more important for an online company’s business transactions than a high-quality web development process.

Cloud Computing

United Software Corporation engineers accomplish service in cloud computing, with versatility, and at ease, while preserving management, control, and security of the services, without any interruption by the third-parties.

Dedicated Resources

United Software Corporation incorporates successful and dedicated resources, which are ready to offer service entirely to a specific need. We offer digital solutions, relevant for business owners who want to get their job done by dedicated professionals.

Quality Assurance

An exclusive quality care unit works on the maintenance of a desired level of quality, in a service or product. Our attention to detail in every stage of the process, from conception to delivery, makes us unique in our field.

Wearable Apps

Our team includes wonderful functionality as Wearable App Development which is a category of technology devices and includes tracking information related to health and fitness.

IT Audits & Asset

Our team works to identify areas of technical risk including application, infrastructure, systems, and process risks. IT Audit Services can facilitate the selection of controls and the identification of technical risk in order to allow management to make strong strategic and tactical decisions.

ERP Solutions

An ERP solution is typically a collection of integrated applications that a business organization can apply to accumulate from many business activities, store up, manage and finally interpret data to deliver the business goal. Our experienced engineers provide an integrated approach for the core business processes.

Hybrid Apps

Our functional team exclusively presents apps that combine elements of both native and Web applications (built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which enables them to access device capabilities such as the accelerometer, camera, contacts, etc.)

Healthcare Solution

United Software Corporation builds healthcare solutions, where all the information for maintenance or improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments are pooled together.

IT Disaster Recovery

Our team works to identify areas of technical risk including application, infrastructure, systems, and process risks. IT Audit Services can facilitate the selection of controls and the identification of technical risk in order to allow management to make strong strategic and tactical decisions.

E-learning Solutions

United Software Corporation services entail offering the most innovative solutions for e-learning, where the learners improve their performance by using the appropriate strategies, which are ready to set a novel standard in the e-learning arena, around the world.

Education Solutions

Our team-mates provide custom education solutions to our customers, in the most simplified way to acquire knowledge through software, which includes benefits like easy compliance, customized solution, and simplified asset management. Our solutions are engaging, visually appealing and interactive.

Data Warehousing

United Software Corporation consists of progressive functional data warehousing which is a large storehouse for all the data, collected by various departments of a single business unit. The data warehousing repository may be either logical or physical.

Database Admin

Our team manages and maintains database management systems (DBMS) software. It is also typically responsible for the secondary (but still significantly important), roles and tasks like Database security, database tuning, Backup and Recovery and producing Reports from Queries.

IT Infrastructure

United Software Corporation comprises of composite software, hardware, network resources as well as services, necessary for the existence, functioning and administration of a business organization.


Everything we do at United Software Corporation, we do with passion – for our clients, our communities and our organization. Each associate has the drive and commitment to do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed and we apply that passion to help sustain our communities.